A film that shows us that the bicycle is a tool for expressing both personal freedom, enabling an individual to travel on an epic journey as well as acting as a conduit to bring cultures together. The inherent poetry of the bicycle is combined with the powerful human struggle for personal belief, political unity and the desire for change. It shows the role of the bicycle as a catalyst for freedom and change, which is the role the bicycle has played for 130 years.

For these reasons the Best Feature Film of 3er edition of the Rueda Film Festival is

OKHWAN´S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, directed by Marek Mackovič


A film that exhibits the bicycles role as a vehicle that can change cities but also highlights the overwhelming challenges ahead, in Africa, but also in cities everywhere. despite scepticism and animosity, one woman pushes forward, relentless in her belief in the bicycles role in making her city better. She is a role model for urban citizens everywhere. knowledge battling against prejudice is a universal stuggle.

For these reasons the Best Short Film of 3er edition of the Rueda Film Festival is

CYCOLOGIC, directed by Emilia Stålhammar and Elsa Löwdin


A special mention is awarded to ONE YEAR ON A BIKE, directed by Martijn Doolaard, for dedication to pursuing the art of film despite the overwhelming challenges of a long distance bike ride. The jury salutes the quality of the filmmaking and the effort made to record for posterity an amazing personal journey.

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