Expo Bike Wars

Transfolab - C/ Ciutat de Granda, 71 Barcelona

This year the festival starts with a photography exhibition by Gema Polanco. The artist from Valencia focuses her work on the rules imposition and it’s self-regulation, using the details and the closest relationships to build a discourse with an important social burden.

Gema Polanco exposed in cities like Berlin, London or Paris and has published several books including “Bike wars” (Navaja Automática Press, 2016), where the artist documents the daily war “against the coarseness of this world; against insensitivity against going at 300km per hour seeing nothing”, using the bike as a center to explain it.

This opening will ends with a Tronco concert, the most beloved new indie band of Barcelona scene, and the traditional Full Moon Ride, a route on wheels to see the moon with the Veni Vinci collective.