Georgia and the time machine

Daniel Utrilla

Country: España
Year: 2016
Length: 7'
Language: Inglés
Subtitles: Español

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Saturday 7th 20:00


It's a special day for Georgia, her amazing invention it's about to start it's first flight, but she can't do it without her father. She'll need his help to make her machine run, and his company through the amazing journey that she's about to start.

Daniel Utrilla

Daniel Utrilla Cerezo (Madrid, 1980) has vast experience in the media industry as a screenwriter and director. As a writer he has participated in projects of all kinds, films, short films, advertising, script consulting and many more. “La Princesa Alegría” (“The Happy Princess” 2009) or “La Caza del Gamusino” (“Hunting Gamusinos” 2006) are two of his most recognisable works. He has also participated in other fields such as comic books, television or advertising, being in comics more prolific. “La vida de Mierda”, “El viejo Karú” o “Motel La cortina Roja” are some of the many works he has written for magazines like “Frenzy”, “Rantifuso” or “Stop Magazine”. “Georgia & the Time Machine” (2016) is his latest work as a writer and director.