Time Trial

Time Trial

Finlay Prestell

Country: UK
Year: 2017
Length: 81'
Language: English
Subtitles: V.O.S.E.

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Thursday Sept 13 – 22 h

Saturday sept 15 – 20 h


First time director Finlay Pretsell set out to document professional cyclist David Millar's triumphant last hurrah: a thirteenth run at the Tour de France. Unexpectedly Pretsell captured Millar battling the rain and his aging body merely to qualify in the race. Pretsell's poetic doc is a visceral, immersive experience that places the viewer into the haunted heart of its subject.

Finlay Prestell
Finlay Prestell

Finlay is a BAFTA award-winning filmmaker with a keen eye on film festival strategies and distribution for all of SDI films, short and feature length. He once set out on the long road to becoming a professional cyclist and has directed six multi award winning shorts, produced countless others. Most recently he produced the feature film “Norfolk” for BBC Films, BFI, Creative England with longstanding collaborator Martin Radich who is director of photography on David Millar Project (untitled), Finlay’s much anticipated first feature.

His breakthrough as a filmmaker was in 2007 with “Standing Start”, a short film which followed his passion for cycling.