Wonderful losers

Wonderful losers: a different word

Arūnas Matelis

Country: Several countries
Year: 2017
Length: 72'
Language: Italian / English
Subtitles: V.O.S.E.

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Saturday Sept 15 – 22 h

Thursday Sept 13 – 20 h


They are called water carriers, domestiques, gregarios, who sacrifice their careers and forego personal victories so their team leaders can win. What drives them on to keep putting their bodies on the line through excruciating pain and demoralising anonymity? Arunas Matelis followed these Sancho Panza’s of professional cycling for 7 years during the prestigious Giro d’Italia and reveals the unseen world of these wonderful losers of professional cycling from the point of view of the doctors’ team. Our bike heroes crash, rise — and race again.

Arūnas Matelis
Arūnas Matelis

“For me, cycling is much more than a sport or a film subject. It’s a very important part of my life. I dreamed of being a cyclist and trained hard until I suffered a serious injury when still at school. I was forced to abandon cycling. and I turned to the study of Applied Mathematics. Later again, I became a film-maker, but I never lost my love of cycling. In a sense Wonderful Losers  is an attempt to realise a dream that has followed me throughout my life – of overcoming scorching pain to cycle up the toughest Giro mountains.”