Hombre eléctrico

Álvaro Muñoz Rodríguez

Country: Chile
Year: 2016
Length: 17'
Language: Castellano
Subtitles: VO

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Thursday 6th, 18:00

Saturday 8th, 20:00


In a little desertic town, where mirages seem to come alive, Gaston and his mother Fresia, live. Lonely characters within a community that looks like it’s out of time, liable to the memories of a forgotten past, where voices, sounds and gestures reveal the magic of a nostalgic world, that opens at the turn of a bicycle’s wheels.

Álvaro Muñoz Rodríguez

In 1999, Álvaro Muñoz Rodríguez began to study Arts at University of Chile. The same year he left his studies in order to study at Arcos Arts and Communication Professional Institute. After 5 years he graduated as filmmaker. His final work was a short film called “Forbidden Birds” In 2008 his short film “Dos Icebergs en Tokio” (Two Icebergs in Tokyo) won the prize for
best short film, Stop Global Warming category in the ShortShorts Film Festival in Japan. It is important to mention that “Dos Icebergs en Tokio” was recognized in France, Spain, The United States and Chile.
 Time later, he created new short films in animation and film. Through these works he intends to explore in stories that evokes surrealism and the human nature in its language and paradigms. Nowadays,
he is working in adapting his first feature film named Ars Culinaria.