Ariadna Cambronero Ginés

Country: Espanya
Year: 2016
Length: 11'
Language: Catalán
Subtitles: VOSE

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Thursday 6th, 20:00

Saturday 8th, 16:00


Makkina is a short documentary about the Paralympic cyclist Juanjo Mendez. After suffering a motorcycle accident in 1992 in which he lost his leg and left arm, Juanjo returned to hop on a bike and founded the Paralympic team Cycling Team Genesis. The members of this team, especially Juanjo Mendez, have become a reference at a national and international level, both for their capacity and spirit of excellence, and for their important sporting achievements. Makkina is part of a larger project on the Genesis team Cycling Team, which includes a series of 30 photographic images in black and white (some of which have been incorporated into the short).

Ariadna Cambronero Ginés

Ariadna is passionate about cycling. Shehas crossed several times the Alps and the Pyrenees cycling and she has participated in countless long distance races, including the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris. Documentary photographer, what she likes is to have unique stories that make us think. She has recently begun to explore new languages and to work with multimedia formats. Makkina is her first project on the world of cycling, which she approaches with an incredible story of overcoming about the paralympic cyclist Juanjo Mendez.