Marinoni: The fire in the frame

Tony Girardin

Country: Canadà
Year: 2015
Length: 90'
Language: Francés / Inglés
Subtitles: VOSE

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Friday 7th, 18:00

Saturday 8th, 22:00


Giuseppe Marinoni found his calling when he transitioned from champion cyclist to master bike craftsman. But after years hunched over toxic fumes, his passion almost killed him. Today, at age 75, Marinoni is back in top shape, and decided to attempt the world hour record for his age group, all on a bike he built with his own hands almost 40 years ago.

Tony Girardin

Tony Girardin grew up near Montreal never thinking he would end up pursuing a film career. In his last year of business school, his professor offered the option of producing a film instead of writing a paper, and from there his life took an unexpected turn. Throughout an extensive corporate film career, Girardin also produced documentaries, and after years of refining his craft, he is proud to have become a full-time documentary filmmaker.

Girardin constantly reminds himself that as with any good book or radio show, the story is the unwavering core of any film. As a true independent filmmaker, he is proud to have been nominated for some of Canada’s top honours, including a Juno award and three Canadian Screen Awards. His runaway hit documentary Marinoni was a Top 10 favourite at Hots Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, and he has been touring non-stop with the film as part of an ongoing, record-breaking run for a Canadian documentary film. Girardin is very thrilled to now be showing his film in Spain.