Mi bicicleta no me pertenece

Raúl San Roman Otegi

Country: España
Year: 2015
Length: 24'
Language: Castellano
Subtitles: VO

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Thursday 6th, 18:00

Saturday 8th, 20:00


A bicycle trip takes us to some Central American countries presenting different people who tell us about their reality. The film shows how is the current situation in this region of the world on issues such as crime, access to drinkable water, discrimination against women or migration to the United States.

Raúl San Roman Otegi

I work for TV, specialized in broadcasting live sports, specially cycling. I have worked in the television production of 17 Vueltas a España, 4 Tour de France, Olympic Games in Athens (Triathlon, Marathon, Cycling), and countless small cycling tours and other stories. I also do some documentary work in different development cooperation projects in Latin America and Africa.