Sven: The Final Year

Jan Vandermotte

Country: Bèlgica
Year: 2016
Length: 98'
Language: Neerlandés
Subtitles: VOSE

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Thursday 6th, 22:00

Saturday 8th, 24:00 (Room 3)


On Wednesday February 21st 2016, Nys rode his final cyclocross competition at the Soudal Cyclocross Masters in Waregem, marking the end of an 18-year career with no less than 291 victories and several Belgian and world titles - an absolute record.

For 18 years Sven Nys has lived the life of the professional cyclo-crosser; he is a control freak who leaves nothing to chance, and an ascetic who survives solely on food, rest and cycling. This brand new documentary gives us the chance to witness at first hand Nys’ lifestyle and personal discipline for the very first time. Director Jan Vandermotte followed Nys’ every move for an entire year. The result is a unique chance to get into the head and the life of a true sports phenomenon.

The Final Year premierd in Belgian cinemas in February of 2016, and was broadcast as a two-part documentary on Canvas.

Jan Vandermotte

Jan vandermotte (1957) studied with distinction Director at the RITCS and followed as a passionate photographer evening school photography in Leuven. During the first part of his career he worked as a cameraman for various news, travel and culture programmes (Telefacts, GO 2, Ziggurat). But soon he specialized in sports: Jan worked for years as a regular cameraman for VTM and VRT Sport. He worked during the 1994 FIFA World Cup in America, and at the Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta and 6 World Championships cyclo-cross. The past 15 years Jan worked as a freelance EFP-Director for all Flemish channels (Dagelijkse kost, also tested on humans, the kitchen of Sofie). All the while he continued to specialize in Visual gems for sports programs. On his curriculum hundreds of reports for the VRT-sports programs Vive Le Vélo, sports weekend, Belgian of the year, the sports gala and the World Cup cyclo-cross, the VTM-sports stadium and the Golden Shoe. Jan is owned by sport. And extreme owned by cyclo-cross. A Perfect Scenario: the last year of Sven Nys, is the project of his life.